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Billet Fluid Cap & Handle Sets

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<< This group buy has been closed. A new thread (marked ROUND 2) has been created for people who are interested in new purchases. >>

NOTE: This group buy ends on July 31, 2008.


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Late again. Anyways, I would like 2 if there are some still to be had.
Great, can't wait to get mine.

Can you remind me what I ordered?

Seems like 2 caps and handle sets and 2 battery straps.

If so I would like one of my cap and handle sets in blue and my R/T battery strap in blue as well.

I would like the engraving done after the anodizing if still possible for the blue items.

I also wouldn't mind mind getting my other anodized clear if that is possible and would be willing to pay a little more if there are not enough people.

Let me know.
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Paypal sent.

Forgot to say "EXPOSED" on Paypal.
Also looking for an update about the below items. I know you have been busy, I just don't want to lost in the shuffle.

I am still missing a cap from my original order (washer fluid if I remember right). You sent me a PM about it.

I sent you a PM about getting the wrong battery strap (should have been the Ram head, but got the R/T logo), but have not heard back.
I also have not heard back on my PM's or posts.
Thanks for the update.

And not to thread jack, but what is your avatar all about Sin? Makes me think I should be on drugs or something.
I have sent several PMs and no reply, so.....

I still have not received the missing cap from my original order. Can you please let me know when I should expect it?
I am NOT trying to ignore you guys - I have been "avoiding" this thread because I don't want to start adding replies unless I can give everyone my full attention. Every time I see someone post a reply I add a mental note to return to the thread later when I can - but then one day goes by, two days go by, oh shit it's been two weeks or more since my last reply. As you've all heard a million times, my home & work life have been turned upside down - I've been pulled in so many directions that sometimes I feel like it's impossible to regain my focus. I can only continue to apologize for any delays, and as with the original group buy - everyone will get their products delivered.

I am aware of QUAD, Bob, and Amber's issues - will try to get you guys taken care of as soon as humanly possible. I will address the other people who sent PM's for their issues, as well as acknowledge receipt of the 3 PS caps I've received from people this week.
Any update on my missing cap?
I have been trying to contact Randy off and on for a few weeks now to follow up with the washer cap & power steering caps, and we're just not lining up. I'm going to keep trying!
Thanks for following up, if I have not heard back from you in a week or so I will ping you again.
Checking in to see if there has been any progress on my missing cap.
I made sure the WR220 was still on the list the last time I talked to Randy, I'm still waiting for the package to arrive.
Thanks for the update.
Just checking in again to see how it is coming.
Thanks for the update.
Thanks for the update.
Cool, I look forward to getting them. Thanks.
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