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Billet Fluid Cap & Handle Sets

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NOTE: This group buy ends on July 31, 2008.


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I figure it is probably way to late to get in on this but I thought I would give it a go. I just got the funds and would like to get a set of these.
I talked to Randy today - there's enough extras that it's ok to add another order to the mix. The same prices/instructions/etc. still apply from the first post.

Cool, I just sent payment.:mullet:
Last monday when the billet strap order went in Randy said that the caps/handles are just about done, and he's beginning to work on the battery straps. He was talking about sending the caps/handles to me when they were wrapped up just so they were done and out the door, that way I could ship off the orders for people who aren't also waiting for battery straps.

Randy sent me a new e-mail over the weekend while I was out abusing my liver on my birthday that is going to throw a new twist (a good one) into the mix. I'm going to call him in a couple of hours and will post more details later today.

I can't wait.:waiting:
I'm in for the 7 piece cap/handle set and a battery strap in blue.

ColoDak, are you in for sure with a blue battery strap?

DakotaLivLrg, what exactly did you order? Just the caps/handles, or a battery strap too? Let us know and we'll figure this out.


Okay so we need 5 for the caps and handles in Blue, you can count me as a fourth.:mullet: So we need one more set of caps and handles or a couple more battery straps.:waiting:
Randy sent me this to show the anodizing a little closer & how a strap would look if the CnC area was processed after the anodizing...

So on the caps and handles can I get them engraved with the stuff after the anodizing or has the engraving already been done?
Yeah I've got the 7 piece set and I'm in for the Blue. If I can get the engraving after I would like to but if not no biggie I guess.
I would prefer powdercoating myself, any scratches on the anodizing are going to be very apparent and will show up silver just like the engravings in the pictures Steve supplied so any time you've got some tools under the hood you're going to have to be careful whereas powdercoat is very durable. Of course like Steve said powdercoat is thicker but...for a flat surface what kind of detail are you going to be covering up? I do think an anodized color looks nicer than powdercoat but only if you've got a bunch of other anodized stuff such as fittings on the fuel rails or other washers/bolts for stuff. But also I'm not too big on having different materials/finishes/textures just to have things color coordinated. I like to keep stuff uniform. The difference in appearance between any anodized or pc/paint stuff is going to be pretty noticeable simply because of the nature of the finish. Maybe even powdercoated parts will appear different than painted parts. So I guess if you're not a neat freak or don't pay attention to details it really isn't a big deal, but I figured I would share my opinion on this. Not to try to sway your opinion one way or another, just giving you my personal input. I will add that if you do like the idea of having your parts anodized vs. raw...the price is killer. That definitely shouldn't be a reason anyone has for not choosing to go the anodized route.

Okay with that said how easy is the stuff gonna scratch. And if they do get really fubared how hard will it be to remove all of the anodized coating.:huh:
I wouldn't say it's 'easy' to scratch by any means, perhaps not even any easier than a painted surface. But shit happens and when you do scratch it, you'll notice it. With paint you've typically got a primer, base coat, and clear. Usually when you scratch a painted surface it doesn't go all the way to the bare metal unless it's from something ridiculous. A scratch or smudge on the paint really isn't a big deal, it sucks and you know it's there but it's usually not an eye catcher and can be touched up to be less noticeable if you choose to go that route (or you could simply repaint it obviously). A simple scratch on an anodized piece of metal is going to go straight to the raw finish and be very apparent just like the engravings that have been done after the process which you can see in the pictures Steve posted. That's all. I guess the chances of you scratching your billet t handles or fluid caps isn't very big though. The battery strap...maybe. Like I said shit happens, especially when you're working under the hood with tools. I simply was giving my input, that's all. Don't take it for gospel. If you like the look and want your parts done...definitely go for it. That's pretty cheap for a good quality finish and also factor in the convenience. With my experience with different color coatings and knowing how I want my truck to appear and the resources I have available to me...I'll pass.

Yeah I get what you are saying and it just got me thinking. Any idea on how hard it would be to remove the coating if I wanted to. I mean for $15 bucks I can't pass it up but if some time in the future I decide I want it gone how hard is it going to be?:huh:
Not hard at all, take some sandpaper to it and it'll be gone. I've used concentrated degreaser in the past believe it or not haha.
Okky that is good then. I'm still in for the anodizing.:D
Damn if I can't have them all done engraved after the anodizing than I don't want any of them done that way.:( I'll send you the money right now.:D
Actually I changed my mind, lol. I want them engraved after the anodizing. Would prefer them all to be after but I'll take what I can get. So is it just gonna be the washer fluid cap, coolant cap and the radiator cap. If it is gonna be all of those three I want it. So when I find this out I can send you the money and tell you what I want.
Sending money and PM now....:D
Sorry I'm sleepy it's 1 o-clock here.:D
Good God the engraving after the anodizing looks sweet.:mullet:
Man I can't wait those thing look awesome.:woot:
Looks like I won't get the keys until thursday or friday... :rant:

The blue stuff shipped out today, should be in my hands on Friday or Monday.

Well good luck with your new house.:mullet:

And sweet about the blue stuff being shipped out.:banana2:
Just got mine today They look Awesome :drool:

Will test fit tomorrow since I am off and let you know if I have any issues.

Dammit you live close to Steve.:rant: Mine say they aren't gonna be here till the 7th.:(:waiting:
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