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Billet Fluid Cap & Handle Sets

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<< This group buy has been closed. A new thread (marked ROUND 2) has been created for people who are interested in new purchases. >>

NOTE: This group buy ends on July 31, 2008.


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Any news 2 weeks later?
yeah what's up with that Steve?... I can't wait to get those on my truck!
I'd like to get the 2nd type of battery strap (no logo at all)
FYI - You only ordered/paid for the basic 7-pc billet kit, the battery straps were optional/additional. If you'd like to order one while they're available I'll need a new payment - details are in the 1st post.
Oh yeah.. that's true... I forgot about that... well never mind then... I'll only take the 7 piece kit...
Only 5 people have sent me their caps, and just this week Dave identified himself as #6.
And I'll be #7... But do you have any idea of when we'll ba able to get the new ones back... (I think that is pretty much what we all want to know)
Randy said he has a few additional caps that have a steering wheel engraved on the top - if you want one of them I can ask Randy to ship one to me
I don't mind having the steering wheel engraved on it as long as it looks good... and actually fit!
I still have the wrong cap for my power steering and still no news from steve after some pms... I'm kind of disapointed how that GB turned out:rant:
1 - 6 of 540 Posts
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