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Billet Fluid Cap & Handle Sets

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<< This group buy has been closed. A new thread (marked ROUND 2) has been created for people who are interested in new purchases. >>

NOTE: This group buy ends on July 31, 2008.


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Here is a picture of what my old fluid caps & handles used to look like. I had the outer edges of the fluid caps plus the entire fluid handles powder coated candy blue, then clear powder coated for long-term protection.

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Additional items that are available at extra cost:

Billet Aluminum Oil Cap - $27.00 includes shipping
* This billet aluminum piece fits over the top of an OEM oil cap
* This piece is plain - not engraved
* I believe this cap will only work for 3.9L, 5.2L, and 5.9L engines - anyone with a 4.7L V8 or 3.7L V6 should examine the picture to determine whether it will work properly with your factory oil cap
* These oil caps are not compatible with Mopar Performance Valve Covers.

Billet Battery Strap - $45.00 includes shipping
* This billet battery strap should work with both OEM and Optima batteries
* This piece is engraved with horizontal lines & ram's head
* The battery strap is produced/shipped raw - if you want to highlight the engraved areas with paint or powder coating you will need to perform this procedure on your own after delivery.

The same ordering procedures apply as detailed above.


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in the case of us that are running aftermarket electric fans and coolant overflow bottles with a 99 washer fluid bottle what happens?

we get stuck with a washer fluid cap that doesnt fit and a coolant overflow cap that doesnt have a home?? lol

or is there other options for us

they look hot by the way...if there is a way around these issues im so in :banana2:
Technically you could order the 5 pieces you need and skip the other 2, but the per-piece price for those 5 items is about the same as the discounted rate we're being offered for the whole 7 piece kit. I'm sure you could recoup a few bucks by re-selling those 2 extra pieces on the forum or e-bay...
i suppose....do they offer a washer fluid cap for the 99 style??

if so do you see an issue with mixing and matching on a 7pc set??
Yes I can get you a '99-style washer fluid cap to go with your '00 kit - no problem, since the cap/handle kits are being built to order all at once. Just make sure that you remind me of that detail when you place your order.
Done and Done....

Would it be possible to get the rad cap blank instead of with the ram head logo?
I don't see why not - less work for them to do...
Did you still want the engraving on the coolant/washer fluid caps?

Send me a PM with your preferences just so I have it archived.
Yeah I like everything else....just don't want the Ram head logo. PM sent....

Another question tho...... do they make oil caps for the Mopar Valve covers? or a cover for a cap that will fit them?
Once upon a time he used to make some cool caps for Mopar valve covers, but he said he didn't want to offer them this time around - they take too much labor per unit to produce.
are these the same people that make the fuse box covers? if so id like to get everything all at once. is that possible?
They are different companies, but I'm the one organizing both group buys.

I already have the billet fuse box covers in my hands right now. Dave @ Billet Pro was winding down and getting ready to close up his shop for good when I finally got ahold of him on the phone. Dave didn't want to make me just one cover for my own truck, so I convinced him to make a whole batch of covers. I used my tax refund to pre-pay for everything up front, and have been recouping my money as they sell one by one.

I have about 6x 97-00 covers and 6x 01-04 covers remaining - once they're gone, that's all folks. If you want to order both items right now I can ship the cover to you immediately, then follow up with the caps/handles when they're produced.
Sin, who's doing the tooling? Is Randy doing it again, just not selling them directly? I noticed a while back that his email address wasn't any good anymore. It did last way past his website.

Yes, this is Randy @ Tooling Design Company making the caps/handles. He runs a machine shop full time, the automotive products were just a side project for him. The rest of his projects kept the shop really busy, and I think all the e-mails/phone calls/questions/comments/forums/etc. just ate up too much of his time so he stopped selling stuff online. I have been trying to get a batch of handles/caps produced for over two years through Randy or Bob Wagner, but couldn't get anyone to commit to the project until now.

That's the same thing that happened with Billet Pro over the past couple of years - he was still in business, but went offline to deal with wholesale bulk sales instead of individual consumers. In the end Billet Pro did go out of business so he could explore other ventures, but I was able to order that one last batch of covers before he closed his doors.
how much for the fuse box cover for my 02?
$120 - includes paypal fee, packaging, shipping/handling, etc.
I am so in and good thing the orders will go 6-8 weeks because I am on limited funds right now lol
6-8 weeks is an estimate, depends on whether a constant flow of people remain interested in adding orders. If the orders stop coming in 4-6 weeks from now, I may close up the list just so production can begin. I will try to give everyone at least 1-2 weeks notice when I establish a final date. I would expect this to end sooner than later though, I don't want this to linger past the end of July.
i want in!!! when is the latest that i can pay? need time to save up some funds.
I haven't set a fixed date yet, but for the moment everyone should assume that it will be closed off by the end of July so production can begin. It all depends on whether orders keep trickling in, and how many people definitely want to order a set but only need a little bit more time to scrape up the cash.
is the oil cap just a cover or a direct replacement of the cap?

PM me when the deadline approaches for your order.

Thanks for doing this!
Yes the billet oil cap is a cover that fits on top of the OEM plastic cap.

I will update this thread when I have a better idea on a deadline.
Do you have prices listed for each piece?
I only need the washer bottle, rad overflow (for a 99 model), and power steering.
I have exact prices written down at work, but generally they're $25 per piece plus $10 overall for packaging/shipping/paypal fees.
Have an answer to the 4.7 oil cap. I posted this yesterday:

'I am interested in the 7 piece kit and also an oil fill cap but I can tell by the picture that it will not fit the 4.7. If I sent a 4.7 cap to you would they consider making those?'
I still need to give him a call to ask that question. The hard part is finding a block of time during the day that I can set aside at work to perform that function. As soon as I get an answer I'll forward it along.
Ok I updated the Billet Fuse Box Cover thread to reflect the current inventory after recent purchases. If you're interested in a cover you had better jump quick, this cap/handle thread has caused people to start snapping up the remaining covers.

I'm in for the 7 piece set and the battery strap. If there is an oil cap made for the 4.7 I'll be in on that, too. Can I just pay now?

I am still trying to find out whether he has a 4.7L oil cap available (or will create one) - left a message earlier today but haven't heard back yet.

I always encourage people to pay as early as possible, because that way I can get each person's order tracked in my spreadsheet & confirm that the shipping info I have is correct ahead of having to scramble at the last minute. Manufacturers also like to hear how many orders are pre-paid ahead of time, it helps them prepare for production. It's not required, but it does help out in the long run.
:bump: Any updates on this?

I haven't heard back from him regarding the 4.7L oil cap - will see if I can get ahold of him during my lunch break.
I am still trying to get info on the 4.7L oil cap, but I figured I'd go ahead and set a deadline for the group buy...

The end date for this group buy will be July 31, 2008.

This gives people 1 month to get their orders ready & payments submitted, and then that's it - everything goes to the manufacturer for production.

I wholeheartedly encourage people to submit their order as soon as possible rather than wait until the last minute. The main reasons for this is the fact that it guarantees that your payment has cleared and gives me time to confirm all of your order details & shipping address. This also helps out the manufacturer because I can give them advance info on total quantities, it lets them prepare for the job better.

The information about these caps/handles and their prices are listed at the top of this thread in notes #1-3. If you have any other questions please send me a PM through the website.
If you have any questions regarding this group buy (except for the 4.7L V8 oil cap - still waiting on an answer for you), please send me a PM. Sometimes I can get pretty busy, if you don't hear back from me within a day or two please send me a fresh PM to grab my attention.
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