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Billet Cap/Handle Group Buy - ROUND 2

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I am organizing a 2nd group buy for billet aluminum fluid caps & handles produced by Tooling Design Co.

One standard set of caps/handles includes seven pieces:
* Brake Fluid Cap (no engraving) - Fits on top of OEM cap
* Power Steering Cap (no engraving) - Fits on top of OEM cap
* Windshield Washer Fluid Cap (00+ models have washer fluid symbol engraving, 97-99's are not engraved) - Replaces OEM cap
* Coolant Overflow Cap (with coolant symbol engraving) - Replaces OEM cap
* Radiator Cap (with Ram's head engraving) - Fits on top of OEM cap
* Oil Filler Handle (with Engine Oil engraving) - Replaces OEM handle
* Transmission Fluid Handle (with Trans Fluid engraving) - Replaces OEM handle

DISCLAIMER: These caps/handles are known to fit 1997-2004 Dakotas and 1998-2003 Durangos only. It is possible that some of these caps/handles might fit other years of Dakotas/Durangos and maybe even some Rams or Jeeps, but there are no guarantees. Please carefully inspect the pictures and/or compare your caps to someone else's Dakota/Durango before ordering - there are no returns available due to incompatability with alternative models.

* Produced from solid billet aluminum. The caps are shipped in a raw/semi-polished format. They are ok to install as-is, but are ready to be anodized or powder coated if desired (you must arrange this on your own after delivery).
* The engraved areas are shipped bare. The painted areas in some of the photos are for example only. If desired you can highlight the engraved areas with paint or powder coating (once again, you must do this yourself).
* Alternative engraving (eg: R/T logo, etc.) is not available. Caps can be produced without any engraving upon request.
* If necessary the caps/handles are available on a per-piece basis (contact me), but the discount rate we're receiving for the whole 7-pc kit makes it relatively uneconomical.
* The fluid handles will require some minor fabrication during installation. A 2-pc sleeve frames the dipstick blade, and a pin is pushed through a hole to hold it all together. It isn't a difficult process, but it is a procedure you will have to perform.
* These caps are being produced by the original manufacturer, who stopped making them about three years ago. They are not available on an individual basis - in order to get a new batch of these caps/handles produced, we need to submit a single bulk order.
* The manufacturer does not have the time/interest to deal with individual consumers. Therefore I am collecting everyone's orders and payments, and will process the sale as a single purchase from the manufacturer. The caps/handles will be shipped to me, then I will re-package the kits and ship them to each individual.
* I have hosted about 20 group buys using this format over the past six years. There are plenty of references available if you have any questions or concerns about the way this works.
* Group buys take time - please be patient! Everyone will get their order eventually - past group buys have always been worth the wait. Anticipated production/delivery time is 8-12 weeks after the group buy has completed.

One seven-piece set of caps & handles costs $140.00. This price includes all payment processing fees, packaging, and shipping/handling costs to the continental 48 states. If you live in Canada or Hawaii, please add $5.00 for USPS Air Mail.

OPTIONAL ANODIZED FINISH: An anodized finish is available for an additional cost of $15 for a set of seven caps. Anodizing is available in red, blue, or black. The anodizer charges a minimum batch fee of $75 per color, so at least five sets of caps must be ordered with the same color in order to qualify. If you're really desperate for a particular color you can pay the $75 fee by yourself or split it with just a couple of people, that's up to you.

INDIVIDUAL CAPS/HANDLES: If you want to order individual caps/handles, they cost $25.00 each, then add $10 for paypal/packaging/shipping.

How do I order a set?
Step 1: Send me a PM with the following info:
1) What year is your truck
2) What size engine is in your truck (3.9L, 4.7L, 5.2L, 5.9L, etc.)
3) Does your truck have an automatic transmission or manual transmission?
4) Your real name, forum name, and shipping address
5) Please measure the diameter of your power steering cap, and the length between the tip of your transmission fluid handle and the relief ring that keeps the handle secure on the dipstick.

Step 2: Send me your payment:
1) PayPal: [email protected]
2) Money Order: PM me for snail mail information

Reminder: This is a one-time bulk purchase group buy - the caps/handles will not be made until everyone's orders are submitted.

If you have any questions, please send me a PM.

NOTE: This group buy ends on June 30, 2009. Your order & payment must be submitted by that time.
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We need 2 more for black!!! :anyone:
I haven't sent a PM or paypal yet but now we only need 1 more for black.:woot:
PM Sent! Ready to pay!:woot:
anyone that has an 01' 4.7L can i get the measurements.. just want to verify that i have the right ones
Man, I was waiting to hear from you to copy YOUR measurements! Mine is in the shop and the mechs are being douchie about it.
When is payment due?
30 Jun.
The money's on its way! Dang, now I GOTTA clean that engine bay!
SinCity is probably real busy getting the lists and checkin em twice...I'm sure he'll be getting with us soon.
To any of the forum administrators: Can you tell me how to get money paid for group buys back? I sent the money in for this group buy and the billet battery strap group buy in June and haven't gotten any response to 2 pm's sent requesting the return of the money. Please help. BTW - I'm not blaming anyone for the length of time this has taken; I just want the money returned. Thanks.
Thanks for answering. I hope he does chime in. It's been awhile.
Still haven't heard a peep yet. This is not the way to conduct business! I don't mind being told to wait; I just hate not being told anything! I am not blaming anyone in particular. If I ever do get the products, this will be my last group buy with this forum. Nobody should be kept in the dark this long.
Agreed its been way to long without communication. Admins...can someone chime in please
The site adminstrator, Steve (owner) is the one that's doing the group buy and the one that has your money. It's hard to believe that these orders have not been filled yet, but round 1 of the GB took over a year for everybody to get their parts.

Maybe Steve will chime in and let you know what's going on.
I've been trying to get ahold of Randy for the past week - very difficult to peel away for personal calls during his business hours with the major projects we've been doing at work lately.

I'm hoping to have full updates by the end of monday if possible (they're not open on weekends).
This was 9/25/09.
I sent him a few PMs but have not received a reply. I see him online but he hasn't replied to anything dealing with this group buy since Sept 25.
Steve's on the site everyday and you can bet he's reads the posts. :huh:
He may read them, but for some reason he hasn't replied to any of these posts since 9/25/09, nor has he replied to any of my PMs to him.

It's not 'they'. Steve is the site admin and is also the one that has this deal going on the GB. He's the one you sent your money to for the purchase.
I've seen him lead GBs before and that's why I'm not suggesting that he is at fault (as far as the money goes). What I would appreciate would be some word from him. Even if its just to say that he hasn't been able to get up with the maker so I'll have to wait more or the maker skipped town with all your money (don't really want to hear that but at least we could start legal proceedings). Just some notification would be appreciated since the last word from him was 9/25/09 and I know I turned my money in 6/1/09. It was mentioned that some folks didn't get their gear until a year later but I haven't heard of anybody in this GB getting their gear yet.
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