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Best Mod!

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Ok everyone, List the best Mod you have done to your truck to date. By this I mean some sort of performance mod that you have found that worked best for you, also give us the worst mod that you have done. Maybe we could all learn a thing or two from eachother and get ideas for future mods. Please dont list mods such as Blowers,nitrous, or a stroker motor,.... we all kno these are great mods but I would like things listed that most everyone on here can afford and do themselvs.

The best mod to date on my truck would have to be a tie between my exhatst and the Underdrive pulleys.

I also want to add that the IAT sensor mod was a waist of time, I felt nothing from this mod.
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Im going to have to put it between the 4:10 gears or the superchips programmer too. The 4:10s helped mileage and power. The tuner did too but I could shut off my torque management too. Thank god. I no longer have the superchips but the owner of it now loves it too. LOL
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