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Best Drive Cycle Procedure ?

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Help, I'm having a heck of a time clearing the 02 and evap inc. on my '01 Durango 5.9L. In the past, 45-80 mi of combined driving usually cleared the inc's or a pending came up. This time I've tried a few different procedures over 110 mi and I still have the 02 and evap inc. I'm even trying the "guaranteed to pass emissions" fuel additive.
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It seems like those evap codes can sometimes take forever before the CEL goes out. The last time I had one, and I was pretty sure I fixed the problem but the CEL would never go away, I disconnected the negative battery cable to get rid of it and it never came back. As far as a fuel additive to clear that code, I can't se how any fuel additive would make an evap code go away . . . aren't they usually initiated by a leak somewhere in the evap system?
It might be worth changing out all those evap lines under the hood anyway. They are not that hard to get to and they don't cost that much, and since it's an '02 there is a good chance they are 20 years old and even if you are not seeing visible cracks they could be hardened up and not sealing completely properly.

I am going a bit frpom memory here, but on mine, I had put the CEL out for quite some time by changing out all my lines, but then, after about a year or so, the connector/adapter between the purge solenoid and two lines that hook to it started leaking.
Well, just like before; the 02

Well, just like before; around 110 mi. the 02 inc. cleared and the 442 and 445 evap leak codes came up. Since I live in the "Rust Belt" I thought that I'd look at the gas tank filler neck and vent and they're both pretty rusty and the vent tube fell apart when I touched it, so I'm guessing that's my evap leak. If a loose gas cap can cause a leak, a rotted vent tube would probably also ?
Oh, I think it definitely could, as without refreshing my understanding of the system, the the vent tube/cannister/evap plumbing are all tied together.
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