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I have a 99 dak with a 5.2 that I'm trying to build into a expedition/multi purpose rig, basically I am looking to see what my best options are for batteries and alternators for these truck and for my needs.

Currently I have a single 10in sub with amp, 10k Superwinch, 2 led fog lights, 2 6in led lights under my rear bumper and 4 7in hid off road lights (55w each) on a custom front bumper but I plan on getting another 4 more hid off road lights for the top of the cab, converting my headlights to hid, led turn signals and tail lights, rock lights for my wheel wells and under the truck, led bed lights, couple of small led lights for side lighting, air compressor and a second sub to match the one I have currently.

I'm trying to get this figured out now so I don't have to deal with it later so i did some research on batteries and found that optima has turned to crap and a lot of people are swearing by odyssey and I am not sure what alternators are even available to fit these trucks that will give the correct output for what I'm planning on power usage.

Anyone have any ideas and suggestions?
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