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Per the request of a few members I am starting this thread to keep track of the basic stuff I have done to my basic truck. Nothing fancy, nothing too expensive, just stuff I felt I wanted to do to my rig.

Purchased from 2nd owner in Dec 2011:
1999 Dakota 4x4 5.2 V8, 90,000 mi.

Generally all stock with BFG AT LT31/10.5-15's. I hated the tire noise and stiffness. Google difference between LT and P tires if you dont know the difference already.

First to go was the nerf bars that served no purpose for me

As 98% of my driving is on the road and because I like max fuel economy, I don't need off-road mud tires.
Upgraded wheels to 16" and tires to Michelin LTX MS2 265/75-16
2" Torsion(Front) & Fabtech (Rear) Add-A-Leaf (FTS200 $65, Amazon). This leaf kit is a universal fit as the Dakota specific is no longer avail for this model year truck.

The torsion lift was stupid easy, and took maybe an hour to be done right. The ride became a little more rigid and did NOT mesh well with no upgrades to the rear. The rear spring kit took a number of hours, trial and error, beginning with the removal of this little nut.

and removing the spring clamps that used to be here

And completion looking something like this

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Providing a total fender clearance (Front)

and back

All in all, the lift and tires work very well for my needs. Fuel economy has increased 1 mpg (after adjusting speedo with SuperChips)

I also upgraded to the larger "Dumbo" heated mirrors, pulled from an 01 Durango, repainted in black semi-gloss. Once I figure out how to wire them, that will be done.


I was also not impressed with the braking performance, so I installed
- New master cylinder
- New power brake booster
- New calipers
- Wagner Heavy Duty pads (front, rear),
- Heavy Duty rotors
- Rubber brake lines (front) (couldn't find steel lines)

Much happier now

Radiator / Cooling System:
- Radiator/cooland system + heater box needed flushing BADLY as the heater was NOT blowing hot air.
- Flushed system(s) and 180 Thermostat. Truck runs cooler, and blows MUCH hotter air
(Before, After)

I plan to

- Install HID headlights and yellow fog lights
- Paint truck Flat white (either by a pro, or Krylon :huh:)
- Rhino line bed
- install SUPER LOUD air-horns to keep stupid non-driving arse clowns from getting in my way while on their cell-phones :mullet:
- Continue cosmetic and system upgrades as needed/deemed necessary depending on cash flow.

This is the ruck I have wanted since high school once this style of Dakota came out. The only thing I don't like is hainusly ugly fire-engine red color. :vomit:

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I've gone through 3 different E-Fan upgrades. My truck is basically stock, a 3" suspension lift, Rad-Air Cold Air Intake, and Michelin 265/75-16 tires. I dont off-road like a crazy guy, but I do take my truck in the dirt from time to time.

Dodge Neon fan simply did NO pull enough air for my stock V8. The Cherokee fan was an improvement, but any kind of off-road driving in any temps above 70* an the fan couldn't keep up. I'd have to park my truck and let it cool down.

This is the install of the Cherokee Fan with a Hayden 3653 Fan Controller


Cherokee Fan

This is the FFD fan sold on ebay for $240 + $50 old by Spikedcollardogs. It pulls 3500CFM(reportedly) and covers more of the radiator and should help substantially.


The kit includes EVERYTHING you need
- Fan
- Aluminum Shroud
- Wiring harness / controller
- Mounting Hardware
- Lifetime fan warranty
- Printed instructions

More to follow once I install it this evening
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