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Post the stuff you want to sell or trade, or what you're looking for and willing to trade.
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SONY PS3 60GB only played 1 game on it, looking for a Moore SRT Hood. :eek:nethumb:
I know this is far fetched but looking to trade my RT rims in great condition for a set of 20's , open to options
Trade polished RT rims, for Black RT rims? i have a set of Polished stock RT rims and looking for Black, would do RT rims or a 17" rim tires are less then a year old

just thought i would ask
What would you sell these outright for?
i cant sell them or i wont have anything on my truck lol
I have RT rims. i just want something black 17" or greater :mullet:
yeah if i do you guys will be the first to know :waiting:
I have RT rims. i just want something black 17" or greater :mullet:
still looking :mullet:
anyone have Black RT rims they wana swap for alloy RT rims? mine have atleast 90% tread still on the tires. id rather have black rims though. im in the midwest. chicago area
RT rims and tires

im still looking for black rims ,i have RT rims with 265-65-17's i would like to just swap for some 17 or larger but black with decent tires, these would prob be best for a durango or a 4x4 dak i gor them for winter but now there just to damn big haha

let me know if your in the chicago land area and what you have
1 - 9 of 199 Posts
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