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Ok so I have been reading allot about how DC might be recalling them and how everyone had them going bad on them, but I have a question. How do you know if they’re going bad? What are some of the signs? I have put 30K on my truck in the last year. 01 quad cab 4X4 4.7 Now I’m going to drive from lacrosse WI to Phoenix AZ. something like 1800 miles. I'm driving with the wife and kid so would like to maybe check them. I still have the 8-80K warrantee so maybe if they’re bad just have them replaced by dealer

I'm also replacing the warped Brake rotors Finally. Oh and on that note what kind of pads are you using these days. The store was telling me about ceramic pads?? I was going to just get the semi-metallic and there premium rotors. I have not mods as of yet so I see no reason for anything more.
Thanks in advance for the suggestions, or answers

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regarding your ball joints, raise the front wheels off the ground.
Grab a wheel and try to move it forward and backward. There should be no movement. Next facing the wheel, try to move it toward and away from the truck body. Again there should be no movement. If you do get any movement, I would have a shop or the dealer take a look at the ball joints.
Regarding the rotors and pads; I replaced my stock rotors and pads with "Raybestos" Severe Duty drilled and slotted rotors, and Raybestos Quiet Stop ceramic pads.
They made a big difference in stopping the truck. The ceramic pads put out almost no brake dust, which obviously helps keep the front wheels cleaner, longer.
I got the rotors at www.rockauto.com and the pads I picked up locally.


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