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Attached the flier and registration form. This is a nice show put on by the Mopar of Bakersfield car club. It's at a new venue this year so no cool pics with trains, or oil wells(my sig pic was taken at last years show). But the new venue should provide for easier parking and less confusion on the classes or where all the cars are. Very well put together. Lots of door prizes. Last year most people walked aout with at least two door prizes and a member of the CenCalLX club I was hanging out with won the big door prize which was a huge charcoal/gas grill/smoker that had to be hauled home in a truck. I ended up with a case of Lucas Oil 20W-50 Racing oil(which helped on my drive home to Nebraska last year, and a full case of Valvoline oil(I got to choose the weight of the oil). Also got a nice lightweight polo shirt from Bakersfield Chrysler.

Not sure if they are doing it this year, but last year they had a professional photographer taking pics of every vehicle as they pulled in, and each participant got a 4x6 print for free. Which the award plaques had a spot to put the pictures. I attached my 1st place plaque from last year with the picture they took in it.


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