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I knew buying a lowriding truck and having the exhaust in such a retarded place was going to eventually catch up with me...

I was at work in the back yard loading some lumber, was backing up and couldn't see cause I had some poly sheets blocking my rear window, looked at my buddy (Who put the plastic in my way) and said "this sucks, I can't see" and no sooner did I finish saying that then I hit some debris...stupid low hanging exhaust pinched the stupid dealer mud flap against the tire...

So I drove off...a couple minutes down the highway I could smell burning rubber...Pulled over, got out to look and saw the carnage. The exhaust was pinched against the tire and had been rubbing in the tread...so I had to unbend the pipe...but with nothing to use. luckily I had a big 3/4" extension in my toolkit and pryed it out enough for the tire to clear.

Plus side is, truck looks better withou the gay mudflap, and I've told my parents it's a catastrophic damage, so I need to shop for a cat back exhaust :biggthump
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