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Bad Sludge, what now..? (Solution!)

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Solution write-up on reply #4. Use at own risk.
While theoretically safe, unforeseen circumstances can cause damages to other motors.

First post here, 98’ Dakota 4x4, 5.2 Magnum and 5 Speed.
Got a real brain racking situation here…

Pulled the intake off my Dakota to fix the plenum leak and uncovered what seems to be a nightmare.
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Yeah, yikes, I know. After scratching our heads and a little more than a couple beers, a buddy and I started digging up the sludge in the valley and shop-vac’ing it out. Not the best idea. After scrapping and scrubbing were left with a sort of “oily-ATF soup”. Now we’re wondering what should be the next step.

Option 1: Fill with 2/3 diesel and 1/3 ATF, soaked for a day or two and then drain. Part B of that plan is hope and pray it doesn’t eat the oil pump.

Option 2: Same as before but spin the oil pump up with a drill, drop the front diff, oil pan, and oil pump, clean the screen and slap it back together. Figure it’d cost me more in beers. Problem is, I’m lazy lol.

Option 3: Yank the engine. Once again, I’m lazy, but I like this truck so I’m considering it.

You all have any brighter ideas than a couple of alcoholic mechanics? Kinda hit a roadblock here.
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If you hadn't brought it up, I wouldn't have thought that option 1 could screw up the oil pump. Is that a strong possibility? Because option 1 is the most labor efficient (as I see it).

Option 2 seems best if you really think that option 1 would screw up the oil pump. With that typed I am assuming that you intend to fill it, spin it, and not just let the mix sit in it.

Option 3 sounds like a lot of work. . . .

Option 4? If it was running okay, with the exception of the vacuum leak through the plenum, you could just buy the plenum repair kit and put it back together. It would probably still go for a long time. . . .
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