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Bad Sludge, what now..? (Solution!)

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Solution write-up on reply #4. Use at own risk.
While theoretically safe, unforeseen circumstances can cause damages to other motors.

First post here, 98’ Dakota 4x4, 5.2 Magnum and 5 Speed.
Got a real brain racking situation here…

Pulled the intake off my Dakota to fix the plenum leak and uncovered what seems to be a nightmare.
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Yeah, yikes, I know. After scratching our heads and a little more than a couple beers, a buddy and I started digging up the sludge in the valley and shop-vac’ing it out. Not the best idea. After scrapping and scrubbing were left with a sort of “oily-ATF soup”. Now we’re wondering what should be the next step.

Option 1: Fill with 2/3 diesel and 1/3 ATF, soaked for a day or two and then drain. Part B of that plan is hope and pray it doesn’t eat the oil pump.

Option 2: Same as before but spin the oil pump up with a drill, drop the front diff, oil pan, and oil pump, clean the screen and slap it back together. Figure it’d cost me more in beers. Problem is, I’m lazy lol.

Option 3: Yank the engine. Once again, I’m lazy, but I like this truck so I’m considering it.

You all have any brighter ideas than a couple of alcoholic mechanics? Kinda hit a roadblock here.
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Clean the valley the best you can, soak up the “oily-ATF soup” with rags. Put everything back together, check your PVC system and thermostat. Do a couple of 1000 mile oil and filter changes and you'll be OK.
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