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I should hopefully be able to get the body kit on today Saturday (its 12:17 right now)

Yes I did my own glasswork, and the body shop painted it when the painted the rest of my truck as a favor. That’s great that you’re going to do it yourself but I would highly suggest that you just practice making something small first. Then dive into the center console. Because if you mess up on the bigger project, it will cost you more in materials. Check out this forum http://www.the12volt.com/installbay/forum_topics.asp?FID=16 the guys are helpful and it will tell you the materials you will need to get started. It also helps to look at the progress of other people work, it will help you learn if you’re like me and just need to watch someone do it and you can figure the rest out. Those were my first and second attempt at my main projects. I will advise you that the sanding process is tedious. And when your sanding use a block it will prevent you from getting waves in the finished project.
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