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Iv never understood why they recommend not driving in 4wd on dry roads etc etc.. but its perfectly fine for AWD vehicles to do so.
Most 4wd trucks have no center differential, just a transfer case to send power to the front wheels. This means that the front and rear are locked in constant 50/50 torque split, and when turning sharply, since the front and rear aren't turning on the same radius and at the same speeds, the driveline will bind. An AWD or full-time 4wd has a center differential that can remain unlocked and allow torque to shift from front to back as needed, allowing the front and rear to travel at different speeds.

Ideally, an AWD system will have differentials front, rear, and center, all with LSDs or lockers so that power may transfer from tire to tire on dry pavement, but lock into true 4wd when the traction is needed. I know jeep and other automakers have some pretty complicated electronic systems that can send pretty much 100% torque to any tire. BUT, from my experience, electronic systems are not as capable as simply locking all 4 tires together (ie jeep rubicon) when you're in slippery conditions or climbing over large obstacles.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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