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AWD Dakota R/T

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Humor me on my weekend snowed in.

Not really something Im looking into doing (well maybe waaaay down the road depending on the replies I get). More of "can this be done/how hard would it be?"

My buddies were throwing around ideas about doing AWD setups, one has a 500hp Del Sol and he was saying that some CRV driveline parts are used to do this for his car and it isnt TOO hard to do. Then my other buddy has a Cobalt and said its been done on other Cobalts using certain model Porsche parts.

Well a Durango R/T rolled by and got me thinking... Im probably over simplifying things but wouldnt the trans/transfer case and other parts needed from the Rango swap right over? Maybe need a custom drive shaft made. I dont know... :huh:

Thoughts, opinions?
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Whoop whoop. 5 year old thread. Blast the dust off.

Just look for an AWD 5.9 quadcab. Rare, but they exist.
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