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Auto Unlock

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Is their a way to make the doors unlock when shifted into park or when the engine is shutoff? 2001 Durango
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My '98 does this stock and i HATE it. Day I got it, took it to Auto Zone and asked the guy to check a sound out for me, and I get in, start it, pop the hood, and close the door. I didn't even hear the doors lock. Then, when I tried to get back in, I was locked out. On our '02, it locks after you get up to 15 mph I believe. This did it as soon as I started it. Then I had to wait for my brother to bring a hanger, which didn't work, when, as if by some miracle, some guy pulled up, saw us breaking into my car, and walked over with a kit to get into a locked out car. He was a tow truck driver.

Now I won't close the door while its running without the window down.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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