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So, I got a package yesterday and it was a Summit Racing box but what was in it was my headers I bought from a member on here.:mullet:
However, a few issues I found:
1) The used headers I bought, I bought on the assumption of being Gibson stainless steel shorty headers. But, after looking at them and doing a little research on Summit Racing website, these headers were in fact 4.7 JBA headers.
2) Unfortunately, the only numbers that were on the headers were 1949 and 7-01, the first number is possibly the model number and the second is the date code. Looking on summitracing.com, the 1949 model number is the same as the ones on the summitracing.com for JBA headers.
3) However, I do not know the code JBA's early powder coat, as the dent on one of the tubes of the driver side header is dented(possibly steering shaft clearance) and it looks like the finish is chipping off. Stainless steel does not have a finish, only powder coated and chrome coated headers will chip, I believe these are powdercoated stainless steel.
I like what I got anyway, just pointing out to anyone selling used headers on here to do a little research before putting any up for sale or trade to make sure that they are what somebody would be looking for.:beer:
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