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This thread has been created for the top 3 nominees to post some pictures and information about their trucks so you can decide whom to vote for.

Only the top 3 nominees are allowed to post in this thread - all other comments will be purged.

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There needs to be a Durango for TOTM!!

2000 Durango SLT Plus
5.9L 360ci V8
Mopar Performance PCM
Edelbrock intake
Custom ported intake manifold
JBA shorties
JBA y-pipe
3" single exhaust
Magnaflow SS hi-flow cat
Magnaflow SS 14" case
McCord Powerplate after the y-pipe
28"x4" tip out the side
4wd 3.55 gears
3" drop
Lakewood traction bars painted flat black
20x9 wheels
265/45 F / 295/40 R
Hurst V-Matic 2
Full audio
Gauge face
Autometer trans temp gauge
Custom center console
Agate leather
Black suede headliner
Blue interior lights (cluster, hvac, controls etc)
and more...

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I made this awhile ago, but never uploaded it because of the dumb water mark in the middle of it. just a trial version of the video software, and I'm not buying the actual software until we get our new computer in a few months, because they won't let you transfer the program from one computer to another, they want you to buy the program a 2nd time. lame ass copyright laws!

anyway...lots of pics, and video of my truck..

most of you know what I've done to it, but those that dont:

installed a 383 big block, TKO-600 5 spd manual trans, 9.25 w 4.56 gears and detroit true trac differential.
Hotchkis 2/3 drop suspension
body kit
bed cover
autometer gauges
custom serpentine belt system
Fuel cell w/auxillary tank for longer road trips
relocated battery
custom shifter console with pistol grip shifter (I carved the pistol grip handles myself too from african ebony hardwood)
custom lil red express decals
manual brake master cylinder
rear disc swap from an 03 Dakota, and soon, front disc upgrade to the 03/04 brakes as well.

That's about it!

Enjoy (I think the video is still processing though)







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well i guess im the thrid one to post up my info and pics. the ones above is going to be some tough competition.
my info:
2000 dakota sport ext cab.
stock engine except for bigger tb and small 4 inch breather and a/c compressor converted to air for the airride.
interior: durango blk leather and suede seats, shaved vents,passenger airbag, no heat controls, fiberglassed dash and panels, custom sub box fiberglassed in the ext cab area with center console, that has both fuse boxes hidden, 2 mtx 12s, mtx 1000 watt amp, rockford phosgate door speakers, alpine head unit, billet window cranks. rhino line floor board.
exterior: shaved-antenna,emblems,rain gutters,3rd brake light,handles. aftermarket mirrors, cervinies hood and grill (sniper grill) suicide hood seperated grill (it stays on bumper) euro clear headlights and corners, rollpan,relocated tailgate handle, 4 inch traditional body drop, euro clear foglights, sliding rag, painted go mango orange, the bed recently been redone rasied floor inside gas door up top, 2 center sections raise to to get to the spare tire and cleaning supplies.
suspension: ssbc disc brake conversion for rear, slotted rotors up front, changed lug pattern from 6 on 4.5 to 5 on 4.5. 20 inch chrome wheels, tubular lower control arms, 4 link with watts link, no innner fender wells as of know but custom ones on the to do list. air tank,battery and valves moved under rear frame.
im sure they are more but cant think of them right off batt.
pic links are follow

http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l129/doobiesdak/the dakota/truckpics1-08.jpg
http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l129/doobiesdak/the dakota/P9130333.jpg
http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l129/doobiesdak/the dakota/P3060534.jpg
http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l129/doobiesdak/part specific pictures/Picture013.jpg

that all the pics i have uploaded and on computer my old pc crashed hard.
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