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Anyone running r/t wheels on 4x4 Dakota with no lift?

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I am in the process of purchasing R/T wheels for my 04 Dakota Quad Cab. It is a factory height. I was wondering if anyone else is running r/t wheels and what tire size they have? The stock tire size for r/t's will look silly on a 4x4 so I was wondering how big of a tire you can put on without lifting the truck or rubbing wheel wells/frame rail?


Pictures are always a bonus as well.
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They should fit or will fit? Have you ever put 31s or 32s on 17's before? I should also add that most of my driving will be on hard surfaces, not on back woods trails. I do want a little bit of aggressive looking tire though.
31s will be the same size no matter what size rim you have. If you have stock 31x10.5R15 a 31x10.5R17 will be the exact same size tire. A 255/70R17 would work out to be a 31x10 which would be slightly narrower than your stock tire and a 265/65R17 would be a 31x10.4 which is very close to your a stock 31x10.5R15. Any of those 3 choices will keep the same amount of space as stock in your wheel well as well as keep your speedometer accurate.
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