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Anyone running r/t wheels on 4x4 Dakota with no lift?

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I am in the process of purchasing R/T wheels for my 04 Dakota Quad Cab. It is a factory height. I was wondering if anyone else is running r/t wheels and what tire size they have? The stock tire size for r/t's will look silly on a 4x4 so I was wondering how big of a tire you can put on without lifting the truck or rubbing wheel wells/frame rail?


Pictures are always a bonus as well.
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265/70-17 or 265/65-17. Both are common sizes, the former may require you to crank the torsion bars slightly. This depends on the style and brand of tire.
If you do that math, it's a 32.7" tire. Just sayin'...

Also, I'd expect that size not to fit well at all if you want an aggressive tire. My 265/70-17 mud tires rubbed very slightly when new.
how did you do the math? because all the tire calculators come out at 33.8.. i knew that sounded a bit big
Section width/aspect ratio-rim size --> 285/70-17

285 x .7 = 199.5

199.5 x 2 (two sidewalls) = 399

399 / 25.4 (convert to inch) = 15.7"

15.7 + 17 = 32.7

285/75 is 33.8.

I run BFG A/Ts on Pro comp 17x9s. 285/70r17s rub at full lock on the frame.
You can't just say 285/75 is 33.8. Section width, aspect ratio and wheel size all factor in overall diameter for metric sizing. Assuming a 17" wheel like we're talking here, however, is correct as I'm sure you know.
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