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Can someone please post a link or let me know who sells these Valve Covers for the 2005 4.7L Dakota? :bow:

I'd like to do a little Engine Dress Up.

I can find these for the 5.2l and 5.9l but i can't find any for the 4.7l.
Any suggestions or help would be most helpful.

Thank you in advanced.



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Unfortunately there isn't any cool aftermarket valve covers for the 4.7L engine yet, the closest thing that's available is powdercoating or polishing existing covers. Terry Averitt who used to work at 360AirIntakez has a one-off set of chrome w/blue flame covers on his truck, you can see a picture of them over at www.360airintakez.com in the gallery area.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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