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i had my 01 cc dakota stolen, so i bought an 03, quad cab, 4x4, 4.7l, 5 speed manual, 3.55,

the day i bought it i changed the intake, the muffler and started tweaking from that moment on. I have a shaker hood almost ready to install, may wait till it gets a bit warmer out.

I found a leather rear bench seat, so i will be installing that at some point. Needed the extra cab space for my daughter. The car seat was a tight fit in my 01 cc dakota.

I also work with

I work on old cars
1947 Fargo truck with a 1956 354 chrysler hemi
1969 dodge dart 340, 4 speed

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Welcome, my truck was stolen and recovered a couple hours later a couple years ago. It sucks doesn't it! I started and stopped it with a screwdriver for a week or two.

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