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Couldnt put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
Hopefully I can :)

Figured I'd start a new thread for the re-assembly of the lil ole 3.9.
The original thread: http://www.dakota-durango.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6187

Things have gone a tad bit slow the past 3 weeks - been on Vacation out
of town, had to send the heads out to have the springs put on and wait for gaskets and what not to come in.
Plus the fact that Im doing this in my spare time which isnt plentyful!

Staring Line after complete tear down:

For anyone that decides to go with the Crower Springs, keep in mind
a bit of machining will need. Not much just a bit since the springs are
slightly wider then stock. I wasnt able to get the springs on with my compressor either,
since its made for the OEM springs and the Crowers
have a spring inside a spring. The compressor only grabs the outter spring.

I sent them to a Machine shop that my brother does business with.
It cost me $85 for have the springs installed, the maching work and ensure
that the valves were seated right and didnt need a valve job.

How far Ive gotten so far:

all the black wire loom will be chrome when done.

More to come tomorrow :)

"that was yesterday - this is what I did today"

Well ... got the headers and ypipe installed today.

The headers were a piece of cake to install but:
:rant: Bolting up the y-pipe was a royal pain in the rumpshaker.
Not that it was complicated but that trying to tighten the
bolts in limited space with the no room to turn the wrench made
for a time consuming process as well as creating a few bursts of cussin'. :)

Just need to connect the ypipe to the rest of the exhaust, install the new
02 Sensor and that part of it is done.
Dumped the exhaust after the muffler last week :D

Thank god the truck is lifted which made getting under it easier.

Also spent about 45 min changing out wire loom.

Still waiting on the damn timing cover gasket to get in :squint:

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damn! nice progress man. reminds me of wwhen i did mine. wish i had my digital camera back then, along with some more coin to boot. i originally wanted to stroke it our with a custon kit from scat. than get a bunch of bees with big arms on them in a flying pattern of some wort, and put under it

"beware the swarm", due to the fact the 3.9 at high revs sounds like a bunch of bees on roids...lol

so i decided on doing a v8 instead.
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