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All Durango's that have bored and or stroked

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I wanted to know from all Durango's that have bored and or stroked how you like the performance? Is there anything extra I need to be aware of?
Here's my list:

- 4.56 F&R Gears w/ true-trac LSD
- Transmission local rebuild with some 48RE parts
- 406 stroker/ 10.0cr/Eagle 4" cast crank/ Eagle forged I-beam rods
- Ported R/T Heads/ Harland Sharp Adjustable 1.6RR
- Custom single pattern cam 224/224-536/536-114
- M1-2bbl/ 55mm CNC TB
- Accel DFI Gen7/ Accel 30lb fuel Injectors
- Accel Wideband O2, Single channel

I know this should have been posted elswhere but I wanted Durango input from the 5 DOOR WHORES as we all know it takes alot to get these flying bricks movin'. Thank you for your responses in advance.
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I will tell you that teh only thing I know is that I have seen a Fastman 408 in a D and it hauled ass!
He doesnt build teh 408 anymore maybe KRC or HUGHES Does
John Merecedes at Southeast Performance will be doing the engine build among other things. I had along list of questions and I called about 5 places. The result came down to Straightline Performance in Michigan and Southeast Performance in Florida. They were the only two places that could answer my questions.
John Mercedes is a Good Guy!
as well
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