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Air to water IC mounting

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Installed a turbo on the passenger side of my 5.2l dakota. Trying to mount the A2W intercooler on the same side since it has the outlet out the left side toward the "carb hat" and the inlet is toward the front. My intercooler is connected to the carb hat via aluminum v-bands (no rubber tube) so my concern is supporting the weight of the intercooler by mounting to the inner fender. Being rigidly mounted to the intake, should the intercooler be secured to the inner fender via rubber mounts? If so, anybody do this before and have suggestions for damper/mounts? Thanks.
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On my 2000, though supercharged, I have my intercooler supported by the blower and air hat via rubber hoses. You should be fine with just supporting the other end of the intercooler to the cold side. I would not add any support to the chassis/body because it will want to move separately from the motor.
Hi, I got your pm. I would rather post here just in case others are interested. I also posted where I mounted the heat exchanger.

I would guess the Intercooler weighs around 15 lbs. I have had it mounted like that for a year and no issues.

EDIT: Well, this wonderful new format is not to good at adding attachments as I have tried twice, so sorry about no pics. I will email you them as you requested.
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