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Hi all..

The past few days I've read several web page articles on "home brew - self made" air induction systems for 2001 3.9 V/6 Daks. Seeing I wanted to save money and have a fun project to do, I purchased the same parts that were mentioned.

The problem I'm finding is the parts don't fit either the air hat.. or the APC air filter. As a example: both the male end of a three inch PVC 45* elbow (and a length of three inch PVC pipe) have three inch "inside" diameters. Because of the 1/4 inch thickness per case wall, the "outside" diameter of either piece is really 3 1/2 inches.. which will NOT fit into the three inch inside diameter opening of the APC filter (#15-1097). In addition: the three inch rubber Fernco 3x3 coupler (#P1056-33) has a "inside" diameter of 3 1/2 inches.. while the "outside" diameter of the air hat intake tube is three inches.

For those of you who have fabricated your own.. please explain how you were able to insert a 3 1/2 inch PVC piece into the three inch filter opening, while at the same time snugly fitting the 3 1/2 inch rubber coupler around the three inch diameter air hat intake tube. I tried several different ways and I couldn't get it done.

Thanks for your help...........


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Need to get a K&N filter with a 3.5" throat..
As far as mounting to the air hat..
use a 3" to 3" fernco coupling..

Mine I used a 45degree 3" elbow.
and about 12" of 3" tubing.
I cant remember the K&N filter number..just need a 3.5" throat


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