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So the truck is finally finished and running right. I live in central Florida where there is no breeze and it's hot as balls most of the year. My A/C system is complete but from the look of it it hasn't worked in prolly a decade. Plus it was cracked open (it was completely discharged.. dunno when) when I did my swap. So today I went and bought a new drier, compressor seals, and evaporator seal along with a recharge and retrofit kit. Everything goes on nice and smooth. Go to fill the compressor and turn it on. It's froze up and starts to smoke. Douse it with some PB penetrant and after cycling it a few times it frees up. Fill it and now I have nice cold A/C! Ahhhhh it's so nice! I love the simplicity of Chrysler A/C systems. This after a few weeks ago I had to re-round the copper lines to the heater core cause they were smashed and creased. It was in the lower 20's here (OMG!) and driving to work at 7am was a little chilly. It was an hour chore to get them round again but I got them back completely round and they are leak free. I love my easy to work on Dakota!
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