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aftermarket steering wheels

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I'm thinking about getting an aftermarket steering wheel for my dak but I don't wanna give up my cruse controls, anyone got any info or ideas on how to change my wheel and keep my cruse?
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You'll have to install buttons on the dash or something. Basically all 5 buttons are wired in parallel, and each button has a different resistance to ground when pressed. You'll have to get resistors that match these values and connect them up the same way. If that's something you want to do, I can draw up a diagram for you.

You are also legally required to inform your insurance company that you have removed the driver's airbag, because you are receiving a discount off your PIP for driving an airbag-equipped truck. If you don't, it's insurance fraud and if you get into an accident they can deny your claim and leave you with a shit ton of hospital bills.
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