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Alright guys, not to sound like a complete moron here...but I finally found out why my truck isn't running right. I did a compression test and oh yes, 150 compression in each cylinder EXCEPT the number 2 cylinder...in that one...ZERO compression. Hence 15.5 at 88mph...on 7 cylinders...can't wait to see what it does with 8 cylinders. Anyhow down to my real problem.

After doing some extensive testing, the cylinder two leak was in the exhaust valve. It wasn't the rod, the rocker itself was fine, and the valve wasn't burnt. When you remove the exhaust rocker and do a compression test, viola! 150 compression. So obviously the rocker is holding the exhaust valve open. So I'm thinking a bad lifter that isn't giving way. So today I rip apart my engine, and a good 3 1/2 hours worth of work. Replace the lifter, do a compression test...yup you guessed it, ZERO compression. After playing around a little more...turns out I have adjustable 1.7RR.

Ok, now that I've given my sob/frustration story. How the hell do adjust Aluminum 1.7 Roller Rockers? They've got the bolt you put on the stud, and in the center of that bolt, there's an alan wrench screw you can twist up and down (the alan wrench portion was twisted all the way to the top on this one -- hence causing the rocker to be snugged much tighter than it needs to be -- holding the exhaust valve open). So I just need one of you mechanical geniuses to tell me how you adjust each rocker so I'm getting maximum lift and do I/how much set the valve lash with these. I've never dealt with adjustable rockers before. I was under the impression my rockers were non adjustable...I was wrong though. So with what was probably a 10 minute fix had I known more info, turned out to be a 5 hour day of ripping the engine apart and I still have yet to put it all back together! :cussing: :help: THANK YOU

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