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Added side steps, bull bar and Tonneau Cover.

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2004 Dakota 4.7l v8 quad cab.
For all 3 of these it was about 350 bucks. all bolt on, all super easy to install.

Next weekend is my birthday weekend so I got new tail lights to put on. decided to go with the smoked deep red color. pics of that next week! I will use this thread to upload more pics of my rig for anybody who is interested.

Also, looking for headlight replacements if anybody has a good link to a pair of an aftermarket set. The ones on amazon all seem to be cheap and garbage besides the OEM ones.

Thanks! Have a kick-ass summer!


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Looks great! Thinking I saw pictures of your truck on here before? or maybe on the facebook group! Thing is nice and clean! I'm terrible about vehicle cleanliness. What brand of stuff is that you installed?
Hey! yeah im trying to post on the forums here more often, not as many super active people but its nice to see some people on!

Most of this stuff was just bought on amazon. ill post the links here tomorrow to everything ive added! Next up is the one piece headlights, just did tail lights last night.


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