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2002 dakota quad sport 4x4
4 speed auto

Initial complaint. Poor acceleration. Hesitation. Very poor acceleration uphill. Hard to maintain speed uphill.

Work performed.

Replaced plugs, wires, coil, entire distributor.
Replaced TPS
Replaced MAP sensor
Replaced fuel pump/sending unit.
Removed CAT
Replaced Muffler
Changed rear diff fluid per spec.

Tested compression. 119/120 across all cylinders.
Tested all vacuum lines. No vacuum loss.

Hesitation a little better after replacing sending unit.

Still an issue.
No acceleration uphill and hard to maintain speed even on 4% incline.

New symptom

Truck lightly stumbles in all gears.
Trans fluid is normal red color. Full, But with noticeable bubbles all along the dip stick.

I am at a loss for ideas at this point. Thought I would pick someone else's brain. Any input appreciated.


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You should get a good OBD scanner on it and see what the system values are -- % engine load, vacuum, throttle, coolant and trans temp, etc... when it's doing this. Take a mechanic with you for a ride while the OBD is on it. Have you replaced the O2 sensors?

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Best thing to do is get it scanned! See if any type of misfire,check crank sensor ,i have a 03 with 3.9 acted same way changed crank sensor and all is good,go with oem on that one
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