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Acceleration Comparison w/GT500

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I wouldn't even really consider this a race, but its the first fun I've had since the trucks been running with the turbo. I rolled up next to a older guy in a GT500 and never really expected him to give my truck a 2nd look. Light turns green and I somewhat roll out, well he jumped on it pretty hard, so I stood on it. I got a little excited and stayed in the throttle too hard, spun all the rest of 1st and 2nd. Still staying with him, then it got traction and I took off and left him. He wouldn't come back up next to me after that.
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thats the kind of story i like to hear...there is nothing like the look on a guys face thats driving a badass car and gets beat by one that doesnt look so badass...me and a friend were riding in his mustang and it looked like crap at the time, but he was camming pretty good, and we get next to a corvette...light turns, both stomp it, he leads the vette by half a car and starts pullin...the look on the guys face would have made a great mastercard commercial....priceless, lol.
What're you saying? :stirthepo :jester:
i c wut u did thar.....lol. i'm just sayin a truck can look damn good, but next to a high dollar sports car, one would automatically assume the car is gonna leave the truck in the dust just based on looks, much less performance specs of the car...and my friends mustang had a cracked hood and bumper, peeling clear-coat, and carbon stain on the back, but he beat a base vette that looked like a '07. the guy's jaw dropped and it was great...mustang had cams, headwork, intake, exhaust, and wasnt tuned right so he kept dyin out at lights and first gear gave him trouble cause it was a loaner stock tranny while his was being rebuilt.

Bos-R/T said:
im not impressed with the GT500's.I have a 2002 Z06 and smoked one with it.We left at first redlight and I left his ass.Of course I didnt spend any tires.It just took off.We pulled up at the next red light and he said he wasnt ready so this time I took off in 2nd gear.Still smoked his ass.And this wasnt no stock GT500 that you see every day.it had the ROUSH package.Supposed to be 650 hp with 554 ft lbs torque.
are you sure it was the real deal? cause i have seen a bunch of gt500 guys around here with just the badges. or was it a traction issue for him?
yea, no doubt. engine to engine, the chevy line-up shines when it comes to power gains per dollar spent. the ford modular responds well too, but chevy has such a broad after-market you can spend so little and get plenty more power. pisses me off everytime i open a jegs or summit mag:jester:. i'm thinkin the guy was new to the car or something...you could prolly have still got him makin the power you are, but that roush should still give a hell of a fight if he could drive. i cant remember what tranny the roush has, but the corvette 6 speed has an awesome ratio helpin too.
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