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Acceleration Comparison w/GT500

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I wouldn't even really consider this a race, but its the first fun I've had since the trucks been running with the turbo. I rolled up next to a older guy in a GT500 and never really expected him to give my truck a 2nd look. Light turns green and I somewhat roll out, well he jumped on it pretty hard, so I stood on it. I got a little excited and stayed in the throttle too hard, spun all the rest of 1st and 2nd. Still staying with him, then it got traction and I took off and left him. He wouldn't come back up next to me after that.
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im not impressed with the GT500's.I have a 2002 Z06 and smoked one with it.We left at first redlight and I left his ass.Of course I didnt spend any tires.It just took off.We pulled up at the next red light and he said he wasnt ready so this time I took off in 2nd gear.Still smoked his ass.And this wasnt no stock GT500 that you see every day.it had the ROUSH package.Supposed to be 650 hp with 554 ft lbs torque.

I raced a 95 lightning a few weeks back in my R/T and im sure the only reason why i won was because of traction because when I finally realized i was winning I looked in my rear view and all i seen was smoke from his tires.
i c wut u did thar.....lol. i'm just sayin a truck can look damn good, but next to a high dollar sports car, one would automatically assume the car is gonna leave the truck in the dust just based on looks, much less performance specs of the car...and my friends mustang had a cracked hood and bumper, peeling clear-coat, and carbon stain on the back, but he beat a base vette that looked like a '07. the guy's jaw dropped and it was great...mustang had cams, headwork, intake, exhaust, and wasnt tuned right so he kept dyin out at lights and first gear gave him trouble cause it was a loaner stock tranny while his was being rebuilt.

are you sure it was the real deal? cause i have seen a bunch of gt500 guys around here with just the badges. or was it a traction issue for him?
We pulled up into a gas station and he popped the hood and there was a big ass supercharger sitting where the intake would be.The seats had ROUSH written on them and on the passenger side dash it had Jack Roush signature on it.He might just cant drive or something.But I dont know.My Z06 is pretty fast.His tires never spun.My Z06 is close to 580 hp with minor mods.These LS motors arent shit to get power out of.You can just look at one and it gains power.LOL
Minor mods and your making 580?? What do you consider Minor Mods? The bottle?
No bottle.4.10 gears,some place in atlanta did the tune cant remember who,Ga,magnaflow cat back,fidanza puck clutch,DeatschWerks 60 lbs Injectors,bigger fuel pump,WCC supercharger,competition cams 54-428-11,fast 90 intake with matching 90mm TB,Comp 1.8 rr's,Thats just off the top of my head.

The only thing that has been done to it motor wise is the cam and rr's.All the rest are just bolt ons.
I see your point.I consider that minor mods.Now if I was to get into the motor and start blueprinting shit then thats what I consider major mods.All this was on the car when I got it so its nothing I did.I got it from a dealership that had to sale it to me for what book value was and the only reason I wanted it was because of the color.Electron blue.Hell I just saw the supercharger on it and figured thats all it had and then I ran a carfax and got the number to the previous owner and he told me what all has been done to it and sent me all invoices and receipts.He told me it got repossessed.I just got lucky on this buy.There was a guy ahead of me trying to get financed for it but I came with a cashiers check.:drive:
Stock 2002 Z06 runs [email protected] 1/4 mile 45,000.00 car when new http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wbgky0_Fxn8

2010 Roush Mustang 427R [email protected] 1/4 mile 46325.00

14,000.00 is how much extra for the Roush package.
Minor mods
4.10 gears
cat back
fuel pump

Major Mods
Everything else.

A minor mod doesn't make a huge difference. A cam and an intake/TB blower makes a considerable difference. The rockers just bolt on.:huh:
An intake and blower bolts on too.I understand the cam.

Either way a stock Z06 is faster than the 427 roush mustang in the quarter.So take my mods off and I still have him.
In order to get a loan through the bank for the car it has to book out.Doesnt matter what has been done to it.I guess they couldnt sale it for anything else because they didnt hesitate to sale it to me at book.

It doesn't offer that info.
The salesman got his name for me somehow.I thought the carfax gave a list of names.Beats me.The salesman got it for me.
Unless you are referring to a C.A.I an intake manifold and blower make more than minor gains.
Intake manifold only adds 20 hp at the motor.It also calls for 1 hr to replace the intake manifold.Doesnt seem like a major issue to me.I always thought that bolt on means it bolts on the motor.:huh:

Going by that criteria, my stroker is only a minor mod.
UMMMMM....How is that?You have gone into the motor.Thats major in my book.Bolt ons are minor mods to me.How is a stroker a bolt on?
The dealership can ask and sell a car for anything they want. Whether or not your credit, or bank account can afford the asking price is a different story. How do you think dealers are able to mark up new cars 5-20k and call it limited availability mark up or whatever they want to call the rape the rich charge.
Actually I sold cars for 2 years at Bill Heard Chevrolet,now bankrupt,back in the 90's.The only cars you can do that to are new.We used to make tons of money selling the Mark III packages on conversion vans.A dealership cant finance a USED car through a bank that is way above book value.The bank will say no can do.We could sale the hell out of those conversion vans and they can bring it back a year later to trade and we can only trade it in for what the book trade in value says.
I just bolted all of the new parts to the inside of the engine.
But you took the motor out and im sure sent it to a machine shop.Thats MAJOR work.I guess if you think that then the next repair shop thats gonna come out is a shop that will be called JUST ENGINES.Like Just Brakes.LOL

"We can R&R a motor in 15 minutes"
But they can still ask 50k for a 20k car, its the buyers responsibility to fork over the part the financial institution won't cover.
I agree with you there.They just gotta come across the right person with that kind of money.Not an everyday Joe especially in my area that has that kind of money.I used some inheritance money to buy it.And they were asking 30,000.00.Like I said I got lucky.
LOLZ. Any pics of your Z06?
I will get some up when I get off work tonight.Its been sitting in my garage for a couple of months so its pretty damn dusty.
If I saw BosR/ts truck in person... id call the fire department!!
If you saw my truck in person youd say "Holy fuckin flames,Batman" Just Kidding.I love the artwork on my truck.
Heres a close up.Notice the damn scratches all over my door from my fuckin dog going crazy while we were out of town and it was storming and the person watching our house left the damn garage open so my dog tried to get in it because of the storm.

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Hmmm...bolt ons are minor mods...

Ok, the big block in my Dakota is a minor mod. I bolted it to the frame rails just like a stock engine. it was very simple really--pulled the old motor out, put the new one in.

I could do it in a day if I had everything built and sitting on the garage floor ready to go.:jester:

Minor mods: intake, CAI, roller rockers, thermostat, headers, exhaust, etc.
hot rod "standard" means that it's cheap, easy to install, and really only adds about 5-15 hp by itself.

major mods: strokers, blowers, turbos, cams, heads, etc. hot rod standard would say that it's a lot more expensive, and dramatically changed the performance of the engine...also, not something that you're gonna do in an afternoon with a couple buddies and a 6-pack. that supercharger MIGHT be a "bolt on" but I promise you that it was NOT done in a few hours. the supercharger is a major mod because to keep the tune of the engine correct, they also probably did the computer tune, injectors, and fuel pump at the same time, to keep it from going lean with all that new air coming into the motor.

just food for thought. there is no "text book" answer for a bolt on minor mod vs a major mod anyway, so you're entitled to your opinion and we to ours
Minor mods are bolt on or EXTERNAL engine modifications.
Thats besides the POINT.The point is that my Z06 when it was stock was and is faster than the 427 roush.
Here are some pics that I took of my new road cam that I drive with.These
were taken on my camera phone and im still at work.This is all I have til I get back home.As soon as I get back home I will get some pics under the hood.I thought I had some on my phone but I guess I dont.

These cams are really cool.


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Your grammer is worse than mine:stirthepo
I read that over and over and I dont see anything wrong with what I wrote.So...:booty:
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