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Abs and brake light on the dash 05 dakota

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Replaced the master cylender, front calipers, rear wheel cylenders, pads and shoes, speed sensor on the differential, abs module on a 05 Dakota. Still have abs and brake light on dash, abs scan tool says low brake fluid. Switch ohms out good. Wire to switch on master cylender has ground but no power. What should I check next?
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I have 4.9 volts DC at the switch on the master cylender. Replaced the module at the back of the fuse box, cleared all codes, light on dash still on. Scratching my head, what could be the problem?
Ohmed out the switch, circuit is open with brake fluid in the master cylender, switch closes when fluid is drained. Traced the wire back to the abs pump, no breaks in the wire. When I said no power, I ment the test light doesn't light up when probed, checked with volt meter at the abs module and then at the switch on the master cylender to get the voltage readings. Ground is good at the wire at the master cylender switch. I hope this clarifies the information.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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