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A Shout out from GA

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Just wanted to put a Georgia post up. I know there are some guys from this great state. Also whats up to my southern people.:mullet:
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HEY Im from GA, buford at the moment then back down the Stateboro when winter is over haha
yup yup
Damn, I live right around there too? Where about you live at? Im on the buford/hall county line. Ill be there thanksgiving break to see my family
hell yea man. Ill be around in the next couple of weeks. I also have a shop too. Idk how much time my new projects will take. But well keep in touch.

Oh bump this. Maybe a meet sometime in the near future? I know its cold but Hooters women can warm us up :D
the 23rd or 24 of this month? I will have two. One for up north people, and one for down south like jeff and me. Up north can be around the mall of georgia? And south will be Hooters or my house in the boro
my shop is in Buford, Its only open when Im home. Its run out of my house. I only open a couple times a year now. Looking to relocate it out and down here to statesboro
I dont have a lift. Im looking to find the best place to plant my shop and put a lift in. But if you cant lift shit or work on a car without a jack, then you dont need a shop or a lift. HAHA. that hard work will make me appreciate the lift when I get it.
yea, youll soon find its the same on a rango. even though there arent alot of aftermakets as the cherokee, they will still run looong time. Where is his shop? I might need some time soon. Just depends if I cant get this other guys lift.
Okay, I will give you a holler. And damn Ill make a post about it this week. IM sorry damn. haha. Its been a rough time, jeff can vouge. Also, would anyone like to come to my house for the huge cookout IM having in 3 weeks. It will be a thanksgiving/christmas dinner. Anyone who drinks can stay. I have room
My new home in statesboro. The family lives in Buford. I come back for holidays
haha sounds good. I think I will have 2 meets. One up north for those people, and south, for the upper florida and south GA guys. My new girl might come to the one up north. maybe. Thatd be legit
wheres your bro go to school?
Oh shit. I go there. who is he? I might know him hahahahah
Hmm, Ive heard the name. Damn man. small world
looking younger is always the key hahahah
I have some stock ambers, looks like yours is broken. If your interested Ill sell em at a discount. LOL. They were tinted, then when my 1 piece headlights were taken off I restored the amber back to normal. I also have one piece headlights too haha
I will work for food :D
well it didnt happen at my house. I got sick and shit got real here. The one up north was cool. Blaine and my friend went, and we had a fun ass time at Taco Mac. Im trying to have another one down here soon though. Where abouts are you at?
hell yea. lets have another north meet when its warm.
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