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I have a 2002 Durango SXT, 4.7l etc. Last week going into the driveway heard a loud noise from the rear driver side just as the tire was going in. Couldn't see anything but we had gotten some snow and ice so just crunching it, perhaps.

Two days later (Christmas sunday) going down the highway started hearing a severe mechanical noise going over the tar strips. Coffee stops etc looked under, nothing seen. Parked for two days, on return trip heard the noise continually every bump.

Took to dealer today, I was unable to duplicate noise, mechanic on road test unable to duplicate noise. After about a half-our on the lift, managed to locate suspect. Rear drivers side leaf spring broken inside downward wrapover. Dealer gave me loaner while awaiting new part, has never seen this. Anyone seen this other than severe overload on system?

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