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I have the ASP 501150 on my 2000 4.7L .. no problems with the AC. You'll need to order a shorter belt while your at it though.. I don't have the part # handy.. sorry.

I can't say for sure what the sole pulley performance results are. I also removed my stock clutch fan at the same time so it's hard to say what did what. It runs a bit hotter but the electric fan kicks in and cools it back down when needed. I get real nervous in bumper to bumper traffic in the summer though.

As for power.. you'll notice the voltage gauge moving a bit more than you are use to when going from idle to above 1500rpm. You may also notice a slight dimming with the lights at idle if running heat/AC fan, wipers, lights on and stereo going.. LOL

In my opinion.. the pulley is worth it if you get a good deal on it. If you are paying full pop (around $250) .. spend the $$ elsewhere.. it's not worth that for the results it gives. Just my opinion. Hope this helps!
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