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how "right" do you want to do it? a proper way to make it look factory is to replace the Alt/AC bracket with one from a non-AC truck that only mounts the Alternator. otherwise, you'll have a giant but empty brackt on top of your engine, and somewhat killing the "clean up the engine bay" process that you're trying to do.

if you do it, DO NOT CUT ANYTHING!!!

that way it can all be put back together. there are special line removal tools available at any parts store that you need to unclip the A/C lines. remove the drier, lines, condenser and pump. then replace the bracket for an Alt only bracket, and be done. keep everything in a box and put it back on later when you want to sell it.

total cost should be about $35-40. $15-20 for the bracket from a junk yard (if you can't find one, buy a alt/AC bracket and cut it.) plus a kit for unhooking the lines.

you'll also be removing about 35-40 lbs off the nose of the truck, with all the A/C parts. especially the A/C pump. it weighs about 25 lbs by itself.
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