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Classic sign of a fuel pump but a Crank sensor is a close second
When it dies get keep some CARB or Throttle body Cleaner not brake spray or Ether. Some brake cleaners will ruin cats and O2 sensors don't take a chance. Ether is good for flooded or cold cars not what you need it for

Spray some carb cleaner in the throttle body and see if it starts, if it does the crank sensor is good if not check fuel pump time
A quick fix is to get under the truck and give it a cpl wraps with your fist and see if the pump starts for a while.

I am leaning towards the fuel pump because you say the car starts running like crap first not just dies and wont restart


You've never had an eratic crank sensor? Will do the same thing. Im not saying it couldnt be the fuel pump though.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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