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99 R/T Build Up

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For those who dont know who I am, my name is Michael and I'm 18 located in Paramus, NJ. I've had this truck since I just turned 17 and I love it. This June 16 will be my 2 year owning my r/t. Anyway, I've been on the forum for a while and decided now is a good time to start a build thread. I worked with my dad and all my money just went into this, I recently got another job so I am putting more and more work into it. This is a BUILD UP not a MAJOR build. Ive touched on a lot of aspects of my truck so hopefully this will give some people some ideas. Lets get to it! :mullet:

Pics from the day I brought it home

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i seen the pic of your truck after it was wrecked and tracked down the story and had been following for quiet a while since you started tear down and thats a hell of a job you undertook and its looking good cant wait to see it done and cant wait to see more pics of it soon
about time lol i know we have been waiting for those
why didnt you go with a mopar performance pcm
true i forgot about that its always nice being able to change and upgrade it as you wish
nice to see your moving along again when you swapped the cab over did you swap the ctm (time and alarm module) over also
its on the drivers side kick panel your dome light wires go down to it your power windows lock and what not all run off it and have found out that theres several diffrent ones found this out locating parts to swap in power windows and locks
ya its just a black box with 300 wires going to it and just curious about it on trying to find the one i need for my truck thanks
oh thats right its diffrent im sure on the earlier style
nice now get some miles put on it
nice nice cant wait to see it going again
nice to see
yes paint lets see you get that damn thing painted already
damn sounds like fun and alot of trouble
1 - 13 of 742 Posts
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