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99 R/T Build Up

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For those who dont know who I am, my name is Michael and I'm 18 located in Paramus, NJ. I've had this truck since I just turned 17 and I love it. This June 16 will be my 2 year owning my r/t. Anyway, I've been on the forum for a while and decided now is a good time to start a build thread. I worked with my dad and all my money just went into this, I recently got another job so I am putting more and more work into it. This is a BUILD UP not a MAJOR build. Ive touched on a lot of aspects of my truck so hopefully this will give some people some ideas. Lets get to it! :mullet:

Pics from the day I brought it home

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Nice progress.

Hey on another note, Will you be selling any interior parts from either of those Dakota's?
tell em jmack lol
here's a grand idea, sell me your AC condenser lol
Ill make you a stencil :D
Fair enough lol
You made my R/T stencil yet? lol

I should have the truck home in a few hours..woohoooo
I have a thread going in photos n videos. with a few pics and videos.

Gonna break out the actual cam today and snap some good pics
Pic's or it didn't happen..lol
street racing ftw
love some street racin..police ain't too fond of it though..lol
Did she fire up today?
Nice. keep up the good work man.
Did you spray paint the back of the cab n shit? like factory paint in spray can?
Regular paint? What do you mean?
yeah i was gonna say, regular paint? wtf did you roll it on and use brushes? lol

Reason i ask is that it matches good, at least in pics
Reason i ask is becuase i need to get a new grille for my R/T, cause some dumbass had a bugshield that was literally wedged behind the grille and hood, and it warped the grille.

So i need to replace that, and i was wondering about painting it..getting some Flame Red in the can from the dealer, or? and there's another little scratch or 2 i wanna touch up
Good progress buddy.

You need to come down here and do my front suspension lol
Yeah i've just never done that kinda stuff, i know i can tear it apart, just getting it all back together right,idk lol
1 - 20 of 742 Posts
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