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I'm new to the forum but this seems like a good place to hang out!!

I recently had my drivers side window freeze up (Cold weather and rain...) in an effort to get it to go down I heard a small pop. Proceeding with the window motor going down what sounded like a couple inches..

I pulled the door panel off and the window is still on the track but I can pull it up and down with my hands. The motor went all the down when I had the panel off now it won't go back up. At least before it held pressure on the window so it wouldn't fall down on it's own. Anyone know what's going on? I can flip the switch back and forth and it will move a couple times but just for a second then stop all together. :help:

I didn't have any problems till it froze..

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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the window regulator has plastic tabs that support the window. sounds like you may have broke one. easy enough to change and a new one will run you around $140.
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