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99 dakota no bus display in odometer ???

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need help. did the research on this one and all pointed to pcm.
replaced pcm, still no bus. guages won't move check eng. light on.
engine spins over, no crank. any one have a fix that i can attempt?
i'll need a bus if i don't fix no bus.
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ok..my first thought is to unplug the crank sensor, turn off the key turn it back on and see what ya get...if ya want to P/M me yer vin and we can go from there...lol...but it's usually a sensor on the motor drawing your 5 volt reference down at the pcm when it shorted out.. i've done lots of crank sensors because of this...
my 99 dakota did and still does it every once in awhile , hasn't done it in awhile. but let me know what is really causing it. all i did is clean all of the contectors and it hasn't acted up yet.
if yer gonna try and clean the connectors then what i use in Easy Off oven cleaner...works great !!! ..lol.. glad to hear it was an easy fix... :drive:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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