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99 dakota no bus display in odometer ???

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need help. did the research on this one and all pointed to pcm.
replaced pcm, still no bus. guages won't move check eng. light on.
engine spins over, no crank. any one have a fix that i can attempt?
i'll need a bus if i don't fix no bus.
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i'm going to ask (cause it's quicker) but where is the crank sensor located. don't say on the crank,please. is it behind harm. balancer, etc...and what should i get when i switch accordingly? i'll try to locate and move forward.
It's located on the top of the bellhousing. Look down between the firewall and back of the motor on the passenger side. You should see the wires running to it.(at least that's where it is on my truck) As for what to get...just a new crank position sensor.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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