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WhsNxt0266 said:
Ok guys no offence to anyone, but really dont get the point of lowering a 4X4. Is there some benifit to it?? that i dont know about? I will gladly trade my 2002 R/T for a 4X4, if anyone wants to lower a truck
Why do people want to lift 2wd? Why do people want to lower anything? Why do people want 4x4's when they never get off the road?

Just a wild guess, but I would say it is a matter of preference. If someone want so lift their 4x2 6 inches, that's fine with me. If someone wants to lower their 4x4 6 inches, that's fine with me too. Personally, a lowered 4x4 makes more sense to me than a lifted 4x2. All a 4x4 means to me is more traction in adverse driving conditions.
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