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98 Durango

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Hello all,

I havent posted any pictures so here are a few!

Very few mods: Hella 500 Driving lights, Sony CD player and speakers.

Future plans: Torsion / shackle lift, AFE air intake, 33s, roof rack, more lighting.


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Looks good. Don't see that color on too many durangos. What's the mileage? Paint looks good too, most dodges suffer the clear coat cancer.
Nice looking ride!

I bought my Dango for the sole purpose of pulling my boat!
Mileage is around 118k. Paint is still in pretty nice shape, I use NuFinish on it once every six months or so.
Pretty low for a 98, i have about 110k on mine as it sits in the driveway with no reverse gear the miles are not going up haha.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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