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Hi I have a 98 durango its been the best vehicle I could ask for.
I replaced the air compressor clutch last spring and although we looked for the clutch plate at least 30 minutes in the skid plate and under we never found it.
I travel alot and figured it should bounce out...Yeah right...Well a friend and I took it to some sand dunes about a month ago, just goofing off and what do you think happened?
Yup, found the plate. Or should I say it found my fan and radiator. Two huge gashes and no phone service...Arggg. Well we put in water from the lake to get us to a gas station to call for a tow, but the damage was done. I had water in my oil.
I have just come in from my garage, after breaking the engine down to check the head gaskets I found #4 cylinder is dry not uniform inside or on piston and will not hold liquid. I have never worked on an engine to this extent and I need to know what kind of costs I could expect to fix or replace a cylinder and piston. And where would the fluid be going? I noticed that Paul P. Had a problem with #2+4 and something about exhaust plugs. My valves look good, infact all does except #4.
Appreciate any help, just move to this area and don't any men well enough to ask for help, and the shops are terrible. One requested $540 to replace my right front wheel bearing. Ha I think the part was $128. It was a tough job getting that axle nut off though.
Sorry to ramble, thanks,
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